Think of my designs as the reliable, well made ‘basics’ or high quality essentials

Quality over quantity is what I live by and Zolu will never be ‘fast’ or trend-led. Creating jewellery in this way means it’ll last many lifetimes and enables you to really enjoy and live in your jewellery. All designs are carefully considered to ensure that they remain forever relevant and to be loved always.

All pieces are made to order by hand, in London by talented bench makers who love what they do and I only work with those who are aligned with my ethical values, personally and professionally. Recycled 9k and 18k gold is used in all of my classic and signature designs and wherever possible elsewhere (it will always be communicated).

I’m very big on integrity and kindness;

it’s a part of everything I do, and in my eyes, It’s not possible to create anything of high service and value without it. I understand that energy is everything, and when buying from me you can know that your jewellery will come from a place of responsibility and positivity; that’s my promise to you. 

Together, with more thought and consideration let’s give each other and our planet the love and respect we all deserve. 

With Love & Kindness, always.