Hi, I’m Zoë and welcome to my little jewellery world! I originally started this journey following my own struggles of finding jewellery to fit my tiny hands and wrists, but since then I’ve expanded to a variety of sizes, as everything is happily handmade to order, in London.

Think of my designs as the reliable, well made ’basics’ or high quality essentials that will seamlessly fit into your existing collection or be the perfect base for starting a jewellery collection for the first time. This is basically me in a nutshell; I live for luxury staples, in all areas of my life that stand the test of time so I can wear or use them over and over again. It makes me feel put together, with minimal effort no matter what and I wanted to create an extension of this in jewellery form.

I’m very big on integrity and kindness; it’s a part of everything I do, and in my eyes, It’s not possible to create anything of high service and value without it. I understand that energy is everything, and when buying from me you can know that your jewellery will come from a place of responsibility and love; that’s my promise to you.

Together, with more thought and consideration let’s give each other and our planet the love and respect we all deserve.

With Love & Kindness, always…

Enquiries: hi@zolulondon.com
Instagram: @zolulondon